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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Ahhh, there she is!!?

Just as i launch a 'thank you' giveaway for all your support and finish my 30 Day Challenge (which encouraged me to post at least once a day) i fall off the face of the earth and go MIA!

I've had an awfully busy long weekend with the bf - we've been decorating his bedroom. This is both our first experience of full on decorating and jumping into the deep end like we do we've tackled a number of challenges. We've stripped and sanded the walls, skirting and door frames. We've had to replace a ceiling board and insulated the roof! We've then papered the ceiling and walls ... and then we ran out of time :(

So each night after work this week we've decided to keep going and do the painting - no rest for the wicked! Tonight we will paint the ceiling, skirting and door frames and then move onto the walls tomorrow and Thursday. I shall be in for a well deserved rest this weekend that's for sure!

I hope to come back on Friday with some new posts and schedule a few for while I'm away (yes, i will be disappearing again next week and go gallivanting off to Download Festival for 5 days!)

So that's my case that I've put together to excuse the fact that i haven't posted since Friday! ;) ... do you forgive me dolls?! haha.


Here's a cheeky OOTD that i threw together - i was originally going to wear this to Frank Turner when i met Zoe (The London Lipgloss) but i chickened out and put on leggings when the heavens opened and i practically needed an Ark to get there!!

I love love love my new top (Tesco's, if you're wondering) and think it will be my go-to tee for Download - its super lightweight and thin and will roll up and tuck away perfectly in my bag :)

Hope you're all well - don't forget to enter my giveaway for a chance to win some goodies




  1. I love that top, its sooo cute! Tesco's do some really nice clothes, I've found. Sounds like you've been working really hard. Hope you get to have a little rest soon :) xxx


  2. Seemings as you've come back with such an awesome outfit you are forgiven!

    I think your bf needs to take you for a huge slap up meal as a reward this weekend for all your hard work!

  3. Love the rock 'n' roll look girl.

  4. love that tee, I really want a peace sign top

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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