Thank you's :) xoxo

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Evening girlie's,

This is a little thank you post to 3 lovely Bloggers and to all my followers ....

Lets begin ...

I have won 3, yes THREE giveaways this month, amaze!

excuse the posey pic - i have no make-up on under the glasses as i try to go without on Sundays :)

First up is a thank you to the gorgeous Zoe @ The London Lipgloss. I won her Frank Turner giveaway :) So excited for the 26th and still haven't found something to wear :/

Cute packaging and note :)

Today i received the mystery prizes from the lovely Leanne @ A Slice of My Life. I absolutely adore the jewellery and cant wait to wear the bracelet and necklace :) I also won a Sigma travel E25 blending brush which I'm eagerly waiting the arrival of :) thanks so much!

sorry for the blurred pic :(

I also got sent a cute ORLY Mani Mini in white from the beautiful Farrah @ Make Up It Girl as i was one of the first 10 people to tweet her regarding the barcode scanner link for her blog - amazing what technology can do these days, ha (how old do i sound!?)

Finally a MASSIVE thank you to ALL my followers!!

Today i reached 90 which is fantastic. I never even thought I'd reach 10 followers when i first started The Notebook, haha.

If/when i reach 100 followers i will do a little giveaway to say thank you properly :)




  1. You are so welcome! and well done you on winning so many giveaways!

    Spread some of your luck.


  2. wow congrats! hope the good luck lasts xx

  3. Cute post :) Glad you liked your goodies! xx

  4. i love the shirt :D
    new follower ;D i hope u can follow back


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