Lock N Hold ... Collection 2000 *Review*

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

While wandering around Asda the other afternoon in search of milk and supplies for work i stopped off by their beauty aisle and had a nose at what was on offer.

I spied these little lipglosses on the Collection 2000 stand and the funky packaging and bright colours stood out and my eyes locked onto them like a magpie with a shiney coin!

How cute are they!?

Collection 2000 Lock N Hold Lipgloss

I decided on Break Dance and Body Pop as they're exactly the colours I've been searching for (well in the tube anyways!).

Break Dance is a gorgeous coral colour whereas Body Pop is a bright pink (reminds me of Mac's Viva Glam Gaga!)

Break Dance (with flash)


Like i said above the packaging is super funky and cute. The tube has a clear bottle which shows off the bright gloss and a hot pink lid. Unlike most lipglosses the packaging is rectangular - pretty cool! The tube is sturdy, however the wand is not. I was a little concerned by how flimsy the wand was and worried it might snap off during the first use :/

Body Pop (with flash)

The lipgloss was quite sheer upon application and to build up the desired colour i had to use a concealer base on my lips :( not practical for nights out when you need to keep topping up! I do like the colours (both with the base and without) but the gloss has a slight stickiness to it and a weird smell :/ On the tube it boasts 'Up to 6 hour wear' - mine nowhere near lasted 6 hours, I'd say an hour or two max!

Body Pop (without flash)

All in all i wasn't overly blown away by the Lock N Hold lipglosses but for £2.98 I'm not going to complain too much. Plus the colours are adorable and perfect for summer so I'm going to persevere and hopefully find a way to work these :)

Have you tried any of Lock N Hold lipglosses? What's the best coral lipgloss you've come across?




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